The Promo.zone Distributor Dashboard gives promotional product distributors access to data provided by suppliers via their PromoStandards-based services. Using the dashboard, distributors can easily get detailed product information (including pricing, realtime inventory levels, media, etc), order statuses, shipment information, invoices, and more.

Pricing Plans

The Distributor Dashboard is available for $200 per month, or $2,000 per year (pre-paid). You can give access to an unlimited number of your employees at no additional cost.


We provide several additional services to distributors as add-ons to the Distributor Dashboard. For example, we provide customized Product Information Managers ("PIMs") that distributors use to easily add products to their e-commerce solutions and ERP systems. We're also working on a Product Pricing and Configuration add-on, a "Quick Quote" add-on, and more.

Questions? Want to take a test drive?

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